13% Buyers Premium - 3% DISCOUNT applied to cash payments at time of pickup 

Terms & Conditions


  • When You create an account with us, all information provided needs to be accurate and complete. Please check your account information often to make sure changes are made appropriately (address, phone number, credit card number/expiration date). All updates are customer responsibility. Without correct information, account would be considered "not valid" which can result in suspension of use and/or termination of bidding rights. This also applies to any credit card processing that cannot be completed for any reason, such as fraudulent card information or insufficient funds. Once bids are placed, you have entered a contract with the seller and if bids are won, you are responsible for payment in full as well as picking up or making arrangements with the auctioneer/auction house. Please do not share your password with anyone. If a bidder fails to pick up during the designated pick-up time, and if no arrangements have been made, the credit card on file will be charged the total amount of the invoice plus any fees that may apply (disposal fees, storage fees, or anything similar)  
  • Payments can be made by cash or credit/debit cards - No personal checks.
  • Any balance over $1000.00 will need to be paid by cash or cashier's check. Credit card payments will not be accepted for any invoice that has a total balance over $1000.00 unless collection is completed by the auction house due to nonpayment, no show, etc.
  • Due to Credit Card Fees - there will be a 13% buyer's premium. If paying cash at pick up, 3% will be deducted from invoice (making it a 10% Buyers Premium). To Reiterate - FOR ALL CASH BUYERS, there will be a discount given at time of pick up. --- The additional 3% fee is to cover credit card fees that are charged by stripe, not the sellers. If paying by credit/debit card, invoice should be paid online through the link provided on emailed invoice or through the website. If manual collection needs to be completed (either due to not showing up or paying by card at pick up, not utilizing payment link), there will be a minimum $2.00 fee added. Fee will be based on total amount of invoice. This will not be added if there is a disposal or restocking fee as we will not stack fees. 
  • Please take note for Auctions done at the Chagrin Falls location warehouse will have applicable taxes. 
  • All photos and descriptions used by any auction manager on Blazing Auctions are not to be copied or reused by anyone for any purpose unless permission has been given by the auction manager for that auction. If copyrighting has been noted, bidder can lose privileges and bidding rights. 
  • Bid incriminates for each auction may differ - please check the terms and condition for any updated information for each seller. Typical increments are as follows:  

               $1.00 increments up to $25.00 

               $2.00 increments up to $50.00

               $5.00 increments up to $100.00

               $10.00 increments up to $250.00

               $25.00 increments up to $500.00

               $50.00 increments up to $1000.00

               $100.00 any bids over $1000.00

  • Please read all auction descriptions. The city that the auction will be held in as well as the date and time of pick up will be available during the preview or active period of any auction. This allows the bidders to be sure they are available on the date and time in the city stated. Once the auction is finalized and the invoices are sent, the more detailed information will be listed and address to the location will be provided. The stated pick-up date and time will be the only available timeframe offered by the auction manager. If other arrangements are made and agreed upon between the bidder and the auction manager, alternate pick-up may be available. These arrangements need to be made prior to bidding and typically are not available for on-site home auctions. With running back-to-back auctions consistently and having multiple bidders bidding on multiple items, it makes it difficult to store and hold items on a regular basis. Once the pick-up window is complete, any items left behind will be considered abandoned and may result in a disposal or restocking fee depending on the size and/or the amount of items. Holding fees will be charged for large items that are being held for pick up and will result in a disposal if not picked up within allotted timeframe. Charges will be at the discretion of the auction manager. It is not the responsibility of the auction manager to contact each bidder, other than the original email that is sent as an invoice to your email address on file. This is why it's important to watch your bids and be sure your email information is always correct. 
  • Shipping is available for any item that states "yes" for shipping, in which the buyer is responsible for any shipping fees. KimsKorner offers deliveries and courier services as long as arrangements are made, and fees are accepted by the delivery team and the buyer prior to the end of auction. Please allow 3-5 business days for item(s) to be shipped.
  • Be sure to inspect your items prior to leaving the property. Once you have left with the item, a refund or adjustment cannot be made. Be sure you read the description on the items and view all images provided. Most items are used and will be in a condition appropriate with age and use. Some items cannot be tested and are sold as "untested" items. There is no warranty or guarantee on these items and buying as-is should be done with caution. If you have any questions about an item, please contact the Auction Manager listed for that particular sale. Questions about an item should be addressed prior to winning an item as to avoid any issues at pick-up. Some items may be viewable prior to close of auction based on availability of the auction manager as well as access to the home if it's an on-site house auction. Also, if any items are misrepresented, please bring this to the attention of the auction manager as well. 
  • Buyer agrees to indemnify KimsKorner, its affiliates, or clients for any damages or losses. Buyer will not hold KimsKorner, its owners, affiliates, clients, or its employees liable for accidents, injuries, theft, or incidents related to the purchase as well as any accident or injury related to moving, packing, carrying or loading of items at the pickup premises whether it be at a residential, commercial, warehouse, or similar location. 
  • Proxy bidding is a convenient way to allow the computer to bid for you up to your max amount. It is VERY important, when you place a proxy bid that you confirm the amount with the pop-up window. This confirmation window is a great tool to avoid any mistakes that can occur when placing a max bid i.e., adding an extra 0 and making a number $2500 instead of $250.
  • Auctions are conducted electronically and rely on hardware and software that may malfunction without notice. Blazing Auctions takes no responsibility of any interruption that may occur. Blazing Auctions may be required to re-run item(s) or completely void a sale if malfunction has occurred and can be confirmed by the software company.